Yeah, you read that correctly. BUG BACON. The most mouth-watering, delectable, bacony treat you can get your muddy little paws on.

Why insects though? What’s wrong with normal friggin’ vegan bacon?

We’ll tell you why – insects are the world’s most sustainable protein, but they’re also naturally high in omega fatty acids. Healthy fats. Fat = flavorful. Flavor = BACON.

You’ve heard of coconut bacon. Or tempeh bacon. Rice paper bacon. So many kinds of not-very-bacony vegan bacon, but they’re all missing what our brains have evolved to desire: animal fat.

Thanks to the brilliant idea of that Entovegan guy, we’re now fully convinced that insects are an ethical combination with a plant-based vegan diet. They’re also fatty and delicious.

So we said, f*ck yeah, let’s make entovegan bacon! There’s your genesis of Bug Bacon’s origins. (But if you must get up in your feels with an in-depth nostalgic piece, check out Our Story.)

Bugs make vegan bacon BETTER. They’re the closest thing on the planet to real bacon. Except with a lot of really happy (still alive) pigs.

There are a lot of tasty insect snacks out there. But don’t be fooled by boring wannabes, there’s only one Bug Bacon.

Crispy, chewy, and all that fatty bacony flavor, packed with protein, healthy fats, calcium, and fiber – go ahead, tip your head back and empty the bag.

This is a guilt-free mouthgasm. This is a versatile topping for any foods from that Buddha Bowl to vegan tacos to coconut milk ice cream. Let your imagination run wild and free, like the pigs that won’t get eaten now because we exist.

Bacon lovers, there’s a new way to satisfy your cravings, while avoiding the pig slaughter but eating something much better than baked paper.

Bug Bacon. Soldier grubs seasoned with locally sourced, sustainably grown plant ingredients for an award-winning, mind-blowing bacon taste.

Available at Bugs Cafe (Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia) and online via instagram, twitter, or facebook.

Worldwide as soon as shipping blockages are lifted. Stay well, everybody! Remember that insects can help you strengthen your immune system.



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