What better way to share with the world the unequivocal fact that pink is the new green, than to introduce Bug Bacon on Valentines weekend?

And where better to do it, than the world’s most fun edible insect eatery, Bugs Cafe in Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia?

There isn’t a better way or a better place, so forget about flowers, come eat at Bugs Cafe and try the new Bug Bacon roasted BSF (black soldier fly) grubs!

These are the highest protein soldier grubs on the planet, rivaling crickets at a whopping 65% protein! And that’s with all the yummy healthy fats which make it taste naturally like bacon, and give it that bacony texture.

We’ve added a dash of plant-based vegan bacon seasoning as well – try them and you’ll be addicted.

Bug Bacon roasted soldier grubs will be available at Bugs Cafe going forward, so if you aren’t in Siem Reap or even on this side of the planet over the weekend, well, get it there when you are. 🙂

pink is the new green bug bacon