Whether you’re an omnivore looking for a delicious superfood snack or an entovegan in search of the perfect nutritious crunchy topping, Bug Bacon fits your healthy dietary framework and responsibility to the environment.

Our products are made with sustainably farmed clean-fed insects, and 100% plant-based seasoning, with no preservatives, no soy, and no GMO’s!

Maple: Clean-fed roasted black soldier fly larvae, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, vegan bacon seasoning (sugar, maltodextrin, salt, yeast, natural flavors, vegetable powders (onion, garlic), smoke flavor, spice extract, maple syrup powder, lactic acid)

Spicy: Clean-fed roasted black soldier fly larvae, organic extra virgin olive oil, vegan bacon seasoning (maltodextrin, salt, yeast & yeast extracts, spices & spice extracts, herb, vegetable powders (garlic & onion), sugar, natural flavours, smoke flavours, lactic acid)



Our premium quality black soldier fly grubs are farmed with care using only clean pre-consumer organic waste streams, and are carefully washed and roasted before undering the final seasoning phase which gives them their delicious bacony flavor!

The farm which supplies Bug Bacon with BSFL has achieved levels of protein previously thought impossible, and our snacks are 65% protein content! This easily rivals most cricket products in terms of protein content.

More details coming soon including sustainability data reports (which have been collected from the outset) and the certificate of analysis lab report.

Sustainably farmed by Unique Biotech Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Processed and packaged in the Kingdom of Cambodia

Because of a similiarity in the exoskeletons, individuals with a seafood or shellfish allergy may also be allergic to insects.