It all began in a rustic farmhouse in middle America back in 1954. Our grandfath-

Ok, you know what, let’s just be real.

We don’t have a nostalgic backstory, we just want you to eat bugs. And by now we shouldn’t have to edumacate you on why insect nutrition is the most sustainable, nutritious natural protein source on the planet.

If you don’t know that already, apparently you’re the one still living deep in the flyover zone. No offense to people in the flyover zones. Unless you don’t eat bugs, then, sorry-not-sorry! ;-p

Because everybody by now is at least aware that insects have the potential to feed the world, both as human food and as animal feed.

“Entomophagy” was only, like, one of the top trending words of 2018, no biggie if you are still out of the loop. Shall I adjust the bunny-ears on your black-and-white tele-set?

Here’s the deal: for several years we’ve been hearing y’all excuse yourselves from partaking in any insect deliciousness by trying to play off your deeply ingrained eurocentric cultural biases with humor.

“…maybe if they taste like bacon.”

Oh yeah? YEAH?

Ok, here you go. BUG BACON. Now what?

Mmmmmm…bug. bacon. bacony. soldier grubs.

If you won’t take conscious action to conquer your fears in order save the planet and the future of humankind, then we’ll just have to take this up another level to show that we mean business!

We don’t want to make you feel guilty, though, nor see you squirm. We’re not sadists, despite what fear factor incorrectly taught you.

We’re all about love, for people and planet, but it kinda seems like the only solution we have left is…

To make you DROOL!

So here’s the crispy, chewy, mouth-watering fatty bacon-ish snack you dream about so deeply you wake up slobbering on your pillow.

That taste that’s just a little maple-y, a bit of umami, a hint of smokiness…and oh, look, you’re now thoroughly enjoying eating insects.

Good job. Doing your part to save the planet, treating your body to a legit healthy snack, and wow! is that a smile on your face?

It sure is.

You’re deliriously happy (it’s ok if you empty the bag, we’ve got more), the pigs are happy, and the planet’s a little greener because of your thoughtful choice.

You say you’ll eat insects if they taste like bacon? Welp, your wish is granted.


And now that you’re hooked on bug bacon (forget the gateway bugs, we’re the straight-up addictive stuff), time for you to do your part and share it with a friend who’s still resistant to eating insects.

Because all mouthgasms are meant to be shared, even if it’s unlikely to last 30 minutes like our piggy friends.

Good thing this bug bacon has an unlimited supply from a highly eco-friendly sustainable source.

Eat as much as you want. Go a little crazy. Every bite is packed with complete protein, omega fatty acids, essential minerals, and your day’s full requirement of vitamin B12.

We’re plant-based, plus insects. Bug Bacon, made from ultra-sustainable roasted soldier grubs. For happy people, happy pigs, and a cleaner world.